Part two of all things ‘eye’ (bought to you by the want-worthy iPad) is eye balls and I’m not talking the optic type. L’Oreal launched it’s caffeine eye roll-on in 2008 and apparently by mid 2009 it had sold more than 5 million packs worldwide! Either we have a lot of baggage issues or this product is just too tempting to resist! So is it the formulation, the packaging or both that makes this special?

L'Oreal's Caffeine Eye Roller is Small

The formulation

Caffeine is what this product is all about so that is where we will start. It is surprisingly good at penetrating the skin as this lovely little article by the Beauty Brains tells us.  Further, as it travels  into our bodies via the skin it cleans up damaged cells along the way – a feature that could help us to control skin cancer.  Even better than that caffeine stimulates circulation and that is exactly what sluggish eye bags  need to get them rocking out-of-town.  It’s all good in coffee town!

But that is not all.

The caffeine is supported in it’s free-radical busting and skin cell stimulating journey by some other useful ingredients: Ginger is another powerful stimulant that is sure to get blood flowing. Then there is green tea for an extra boost of antioxidant, fruit extracts  and magnesium to help whiten the skin, acacia honey, fructose and glucose for their healing, softening and moisturising properties and zinc – an essential mineral for skin repair.  A skin-full of food.

But what about the packaging?

Packaging is always important in personal care products as it helps to convey information about how to use it, protect the product and facilitate use. This pack is no different in that regard but it is rather unusual!   Apparently balls matter and it is the silver ball that enables this product to do its magic!  The roller ball dispenses exactly the right amount of product on the correct area, massaging it as it goes for a two-in-one skin treat.  This also boosts circulation and adds to the products cooling effect (due to the metallic ball) amazing!

So is it the formulation, the packaging or both?

Definitely both. Roll it on your eyes for some after iPad refreshment. aaaahhhhhh that’s better!