90% of what you read about cosmetic products and ingredients on the internet is false.

Actually I just made that up. I have no idea what the statistic is but one thing I do know is people are hungry for truth but are often getting just click-bait headlines.  The question for you, the brand owner is whether you want to contribute to that or lead the market into somewhere with solid foundations.

Science literacy doesn’t have to be dry, boring and un-relatable.  I’ve been blogging about cosmetic science for the past nine years and have built up a solid following of readers, many of whom use the blog as a training and marketing resource or even as a conversation starter for their brand. But that’s not what I want to talk to you about here and now.  What I want to discuss is the creation of tailor made content specifically for you!

Writing is a passion of mine and writing about the science that supports all of your beautiful products, processes and ingredient supply chains is something that I just love to do.   My science background, supply chain contacts and hands-on experience paired with practical, laboratory based formula development puts me in the perfect position to delve deep and produce well researched pieces that are both engaging and educational.

Why not see what I can do for your brand so that you can be one of the 10% that get it right!


Examples of Technical Writing / Content Creation:

    • Elevator Pitches (100 words- your brand in a nut shell)
    • Brand Review (to strengthen and update your branding, market positioning, competitive edge and your ingredient communication).
    • Position Statements (communicating your brands position on key issues such as sustainability, safety, purity, ingredient origin, activity/ efficacy, fashion etc).
    • Market Segment Reviews.
    • Technical Help Desk (answering all of those customer e-mails or staff queries to help your brand kick goals in terms of customer service and staff confidence)
    • Blog, newspaper and magazine articles (by appointment).
    • Technically focused social media content.
    • Public Speaking (By appointment covering all aspects of our services and writing. We talk at professional conferences, schools, private functions, workshops and community groups).
    • Investigative reporting and case studies – supply chain,  EU market,  Essential Oil market etc.
    • Ingredient -specific research articles and short pieces.
    • Video Content including interviews, how-to’s, infomercials and educational content