Ok, I have to admit to enjoying a bit of Kyle and Jacki O  in the morning (for all of you non-Sydney based Australians these are our top popular radio DJ’s) even if some of the things that they come up with leave me feeling a little bemused. They are my dirty little secret I suppose, a little tabloid titillation in a day otherwise surrounded by wall-to-wall business decisions, strategies and chemicals (cosmetic chemicals that is).  However, this little competition got me reaching for my vomit bag.  OMG what were they thinking!

The show is running a competition where guys get to come in and play for either money or a chick to date. The ‘chick’ sits behind a curtain and can say a little ‘hello’ or something to tempt the guy into picking her (God knows what the guy gets to do with her on the date  after she’s won)  while the guy sits and decides which direction to place his bet – he has no idea how much money is in the box.  Simple comp played by people who know what they are getting into for the listening pleasure of people like me, in their cars and offices all over Sydney.  Nice!

Only it isn’t very nice.

Take the day when Dave came in to try his luck.  He opted for the chick over the cash only to find that he’d turned down $2000 and ended up with a lady who didn’t hit his pfwoar buttons.  She (no name for her on the site) was a larger lady and was dressed like a Bratz doll – something that us listeners didn’t get to see unless we logged onto the website afterwards.  What we did hear was a long stunned silence, a few crude remarks and a bit of banter about how much of a disappointment she was…….

Now before I sounds like a complete granny (which doesn’t bother me but is boring to read) I will say in the shows defence that the lady was obviously OK with the whole concept of this competition and showed no visible distress at being treated like a cheap object (we can deduce that she was worth less than the $2000 cash).  They both took part for fun and looked like they enjoyed the whole 15 minutes of fame thing.  But that isn’t my point.

Another contestant turned down $42 and opted for the date – a young blonde woman who most people would class as attractive. He felt like he’d bagged the biggest bargain since $2 undies in the bond shop and couldn’t conceal his delight – what she thought was irrelevant.

So what is my problem?

I am disappointed by the way that women have been put up as prizes in this cheap laugh competition.  I am especially disappointed that their value is only liked to one thing, hotness (and that’s hotness in a high school popularity style of hotness).  It’s just a little sad really.

So what could they do instead?

Well I’m only writing this because I think it sucks when people write bad stuff and then don’t offer a solution so what about we do the same thing but bring in chicks with special skills (anything from chef or hairdresser to rally driver or dancer). If the guys choose the girl they get to go on a work date with the guy and do a skill related challenge.  OK, crappy idea but at least it maintains the titillation or a boy-girl date thing without making the girl just a piece of meat.

Things like this may well be harmless fun for the adults involved but for teenagers or other vulnerable groups this sort of visual discrimination can add to their feelings of self-loathing and disgust as it reinforces the value of looks over substance.  That isn’t something that I want to encourage as I am trying to bring up my daughters in a more rounded way.

I’ll keep on listening but will probably end up on Triple M during that segment unless they take my idea on LOL………

What do you think?