Researchers at the University of Melbourne have been studying Kangaroo’s skin to see how it protects its self from the harsh Australian sun with a view to  bottling what they’ve got and selling it!

Good Old Skippy!

So far they have found a whole plethora of chemicals in the irradiated cells of the Kangaroo  including some that help to repair the  sun-damaged DNA.

The fact that the Kangaroo’s skin seems to be able to repair sun-damage so successfully is of great interest to scientists who are forever looking for ways of reducing Australia’s skin cancer toll – this year around 400,000 people will be diagnosed.  DNA repair is also central to many anti-ageing claims meaning that the cosmetics industry will also be  following this research with great interest.

Save our Skins! Kangaroo's may just do that with their DNA repair!

Look out for Skippy after-sun. It should be hopping off your shelves soon!