I have always had a soft spot for this sentimental 1961 film. I think that I ‘adopted’ my love of it from my dad (who probably had a crush on Audrey Hepburn and secretly wished that every woman woke up in pearls and a mans shirt)  with whom I watched the film as a child on a cold and wintry Sunday afternoon.   It’s the kind of film that makes solitude, social miss-fittedness and loneliness seem strangely glamorous and very ‘in’.  Unfortunately in real life it’s not always that cozy.

Anyway, you are probably wondering why I’ve chosen to talk about it now, well I have never really been one for believing in the theory that the ‘universe’ provides you signs and guides your way, I just thought that stuff happens as it happens and that’s that.  Well, I still do think that to a point but over the past month there have been various things that have drawn me to Tiffany’s:

  • The urge to buy myself something lovely from that shop this Christmas even though I have never been in before (yes I know, that isn’t strange at all, that is just me being greedy).
  • The fact that my husband is called Aubry which is strangely similar to Audrey (again another stupid fact)
  • The shock to find that this film was doing the movie rounds on the BA flight from Singapore to England!!!!!

That’s it, I thought it is a sign for me to go to Tiffany’s with my croissant and ball gown and buy one of everything in the shop……… Turns out that isn’t practical so I turned to the sub plot of the movie for inspiration instead.

The film portrays the life of a beautiful socialite who has what seems to be a charmingly complicated yet fruitful life, so free from ties and obligation that even her cat has no name.  As the movie progresses we see Miss Holly Golightly meet another stray, this time a male writer who is being supported financially by a rather businesslike and unemotional woman for whom ‘he’ is somewhat of a toy.   Needless to say the emotional vacuum in which they both live starts to pull them closer together and by the end of the film they have fallen in love.

Pretty cliché but somehow poignant especially at this time of the year and that’s why I thought I’d mention it.

A new year is a great time for new beginnings,  to right wrongs, build bridges and invest in the future. A time for closure.  Unfortunately closure often sits at the end of a long tunnel of darkness, a place that asks you to crawl through thorns,  climb up mountains and slide down slippery slopes. It isn’t pretty and can leave you feeling like a complete failure.  Fail to reach closure can hurt badly.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s made me think about closure, about relationships and about the natural wish to shut the world out in times of crisis and that made me think about the New Year.   The film showed us that  frozen hearts can be warmed by the caring touch of another and I think that is a valuable lesson to learn.

If you are struggling to make your  New Years resolutions stick or feel like closure is just a step too far for your frozen heart why don’t you reach out and touch somebody, they may just buy you a Croissant and a ring from Tiffany’s someday.

I hope that 2011 sparkles for you.

PS: I did manage to have my real life Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment about fifteen years ago after an all night ball in London town, sometimes you just have to do it!