These things used to exist when I first started in the cosmetics industry but alas, the GFC, KFC and GDP means that the great laboratory of future opportunity is but a distant memory.  Today it’s all about the dollar as we strive to make our innovations work IMMEDIATELY!  Oh what a bore….. 

Anyway, I just thought that it was worth saying that I now have my very own blue sky laboratory that is up and working on lots of exciting future innovations.  Some of that work involves a spatula while other’s is more about doing a lot of reading, interviewing and investigationing in order to sort the wheat from the chaff.  All very cool and VERY interesting. 

Blue Sky Laboratory


So, if you have a ‘blue sky’ concept for the cosmetics industry and want to talk to someone whose motto is ‘the sky is the limit’ then give us a call.  Anything is possible, eventually………… 

Examples of current research for those of you who like to roll that way: 

* The rise of the Halal Cosmetics Market. 

* Nanotechnology and the cosmetics industry 

* Sustainability and natural/ organic certification. 

* Natural fragrance development and application. 

PS:   I am going to add a page to the blog and will eventually have a website up for the lab once I get a moment. 

PPS:  Work comes out of the blue sky labs in a number of ways including via workshops and lectures,  presentations posters or booklets, in-house development work and surveys or via a forum.