OK so as the mother of two young girls I have seen more than my fair share of pink.  I didn’t plan it this way, indeed both of my much wanted and much-loved bundles of love exited the hospital dressed in beige baby grows hidden from the English chill by a dalmatian dotty baby blanket. I was NOT one of those “girly girls”.

Our growing family (taken about 6 1/2 years ago). Look no pink!

However, it only took a matter of hours before our house was invaded by PINK (and I don’t mean the singer, she would be made most welcome).  Now I didn’t mind at first but the slow infestation spanning six years started to take its toll and I too started to give the girls toys aisle a wide berth in favour of the transformers, lego, books, jigsaw puzzles and play dough. Pink had started to stink.

Today I find that I am not alone. English mum of two Emma Moore has started a “Pinkstinks” campaign which aims to redress the balance and to reinforce the message that it is brains that matters most and not beauty.  Emma, like so many of us mums are sick and tired of the sexualisation of our children and completely over the “pink for girls” dollar hunting that goes on in our stores.

What do you mean Pink Stinks?

So, while I do like the colour pink  (I use it for my links – pink links!) and I have bought pretty pink things for both of my girls PINK is not even in the rainbow (as my 6-year-old often points out) so enough already, make way for red, blue and green and stop with the brainwashing.