This morning I awoke to a lively and somewhat ridiculous discussion about website’s new  ‘beautiful baby’ factory. OK, so it is not really a factory, more of a distribution warehouse where good-looking ladies and gents can find aesthetically blessed eggs and sperm.  What a great idea! You no longer have to worry about the potential of getting an ugly baby – you know the type, one that only a mother could love….. nice.

The representatives from the haven of loveliness that is ‘beautiful people’ say that most couples looking for donor sperm or eggs do want an attractive donor. They say that in our society being attractive gives you an edge. They also pose the rhetorical question of ‘why wouldn’t you want the best for your child?”  As if that was all that mattered.

Anyway, personally I find this all a bit ridiculous for a number of reasons. Let’s have a think….

  •  Physical beauty is so subjective that what ‘those guys’ deem beautiful may look anything but to another’s eyes.
  • Physical beauty is nothing without that special spark, that  magic and light (otherwise known as personality).
  • One needs an egg and sperm to make a baby (still…. how boring)  which combine to produce thousands of potential variants so while choosing a mate with a nice nose may help your chances of ‘making’ one, it isn’t a guarantee. Who do you sue if you don’t get what you ordered?
  • I don’t know anyone that has ever thought that their baby is ugly – even when I described my first child as a cross between a squirrel and a shrunken headed man (she’s a girl) I still loved her and thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world.
  • Aesthetically pleasing looks  may bring you success in the veneered world but it is real beauty that brings you success in the thinking, spiritual and connected world and that beauty is the type that has nothing to do with eye colour, hair type, skin tone or nose size.

In order to be a little less opinionated about this I decided to check into the Essential Baby forum on sperm donation to see what real people did want in a donor. Yes looks were important to ALL of the people but not in the beauty Vs ugly way. Most people want sperm that looks  like it came from the daddy – if daddy is five foot two, dark-skinned and bald George Cloony look-a-like sperm would make for a lifetime of awkward questioning. Looks matter but they matter because sometimes it is nice if the child looks like it could be genetically related to it’s parents.

So, as I sit here with Mr Bling, the sperm donor that I married I notice something amazing.  I would bet that  neither of us would qualify for the beautiful people website (we are soooo not ugly BTW, we are just totally normal looking) but as luck would have it  we ended up with  beautiful kids….. amazing.

Only it is NOT amazing. Our kids are beautiful because they shine life, love and energy and are bursting with enthusiasm. They have good manners, they work hard and they make me laugh. They are and will always be beautiful in their own unique ways and I’m not about to put a price on that or sign them up for a plastic sounding website.

I wish the team at beautiful people all the luck in the world because they are going to need it. There is nothing so ugly as  cheapening one of life’s great joys.

Maybe it was all a big joke……. Let’s hope so.