5.15 and I roll over, smack my hand on the bedside table and curse myself for being so clumsy. Alarm off and I get up on a mission that includes showering, finding the right clothes and bag,  assembling paperwork, writing a list for the cleaner and finally breakfast before leaving the house at 5.45 feeling a little less than bright!  The last half hour had been filled with mild expletives (nothing too serious today) and a fair whack of frustration meaning resulting in my bad karma pile growing higher by the minute oh and all of that while on tip toes (don’t want to wake the kids)…….

A cascade of appointments awaits me at the other side of a two and a half hour battle through traffic. It will be a good day but the clock will always be tapping me on the shoulder  – got to be home by 4.30pm as the kids need collecting from yoga (thank goodness for yoga, that buys me and extra thirty minutes to get up the hill and home. Oh and I always have the plan B and C that I’ve lined up just-in-case).  Pfew.  I allowed myself a smile, look in the mirror before leaving and say “Amanda, you could run a country (even if it is only a small one, somewhere out west, preferably sunny and full of bananas hahahah)”. Then I’m off.

As soon as I leave the house my mental pace slows. I am struck by the smell of something coming from my neighbour’s garden.  It smells natural enough, a bit pooh-ey in a horse / herbivorous animal kind of way (they don’t have any large animals that I’m aware of) but I’m immediately struck but the smells ability to pull me out of my head with a THUD.  Aaahhhh it’s not bad out here.

I round the corner and I’m hit again this time it’s delightful,  floral and syrrupy, honey and fresh  all at the same time. I’ve  lived here for six years but I still have no clue what that plant is called (slightly embarrassing but that’s the size of it). Anyway, it’s lovely and I feel good as I let go of another chunk of grizzlyness that I’d picked up with the alarm call.

And as I adjust my focus to the street ahead my gaze is met with the morning sun. It’s not yet bright enough to make me squinty so I watch it as it turns the sky from a beautiful soft blue to azure. Chasing away the darkness with a pinky glow like a fine yet ever-so-comfy blanket. I tingle with excitement as I realize that this sight is a gift to all of us ‘before 6’ people.  The birds look like they got a fresh coat of feathers overnight as they fly overhead all red, blue and green against the cloudless sky.  Leaves on the trees glisten under the weight of a billion little dew drops and spiders webs and everything is silent…… ish.

I take it all in and smile, I no longer care about the time and find myself filled with gratitude, happiness and contentment. I can’t believe that I usually miss this.

I’m on the train now, writing this while peering at the sun as it continues its march onwards and upwards. Tiredness sweeps over me again and I greet it before allowing that feeling to pass by, quickly.  I am awake!  I feel the hard plastic seat and let it support me,  my clothes feel soft and comfortable against my skin and I feel my toes stretch out in my sockless shoes.  Then my nose starts to tingle a little as I notice it adjust to the cabin temperature. I sneeze, wipe it and sit back preparing for another 45 minutes of meditation.

Good Morning

I woke up earlier than usual this morning and for once I can safely say that it was a good morning.

Realize Beauty.