While I try (ehem) to be all sophisticated and grown up I am really quite silly and as such the idea of taking a bottle of MOOOOOSE into the shower with me really appeals.  So, when I saw that Moose Head have gone a little bit funky and branched out into scrubs and face cream I just had to take a closer look.

As much as I love it this isn’t a brand marketed at lame old tree hugging mothers like myself UNLESS of course they are buying it for their teenage men folk.  Yes in the good old world of marketing stereotypes this is an 18-25 year old fun-loving, loose living, free-spirited man brand and as such it is a little bit rare.

Moost Head Range


So what’s in the packaging which, by the way is rather spiffing don’t you think?

The Oil Control Moisturiser.

I bought this because the ingredients on the box that this came in looked all kinds of weird and I needed to have a closer look – how could octyl methoxycinnamate be the second ingredient and why was it listed incorrectly anyway?

moose head box

It turns out that the guys must have boxed this wrongly as while the outside ingredients make no sense at all the ones on the back of the package make much more sense so let’s forget about that shall we…

The real ingredients read like this:

Aqua – Water

Caprylic Capric Triglyceride – This is the MCT Oil or Medium Chain Triglyceride oil that I talked about in my coconut post.  It is a light weight, non greasy emollient that will help to moisturise the skin without leaving it feeling heavy and congested.  It is sourced from Palm or Coconut oil and is 100% natural.

Glycerin – This is a natural humectant or water binding active that helps keep moisture at the surface of the skin just as long as the atmosphere isn’t too dry – not so good for long haul flights or those living in dry dusty areas!

Stearyl Stearate – A soap style emulsifier (anionic) that helps to hold and bind the oils and water together so that you end up with a cream.

Aloe Leaf Juice – A very moisturising watery liquid that is also useful for skin conditioning and active repair.

Lavender Extract – Soothing herbal extract.

Chamomile Extract – Soothing again due to the natural bisabolol content.  Bisabolol is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Shea Butter – For long-lasting moisturisation and barrier protection.

Fragrance – This is a synthetic fragrance of the ‘man’ type. No matter what product I buy they all smell very manly like the perfumers just pull out a big draw of man who contains 50 shades of man smell that actually all smell the same. Not unpleasant, just ‘usual’.

Cetearyl Alcohol – A great stabiliser for emulsions, again all-natural and also useful for improving skin feel (it makes the cream softer and more buttery feeling).

Phenoxyethanol – A good preservative booster.

Benzyl Alcohol – Part of the preservative system.

Potassium Sorbate – Food grade preservative.

Tocopheryl Acetate – Vitamin E which is good for skin conditioning.

Carbomer – This would be in the product as a thickener and stabiliser.  Carbomers are synthetic polymers that form a gel when placed in water.

Cyclohexasiloxane – This is a volatile silicone that gives a light feel when applied to the skin due to its rapid evaporation rate.

Triethanolamine – This would be used to neutralise the carbomer but could also react with the emulsifier (stearyl stearate) to make it soapy.

Iron Oxides  – This is what gives the moisturiser that slight grey colour on the skin.  Obviously men want to use dirt to clean their faces – see below 🙂

grey cream

So is it any good?

I don’t tend to review that aspect of a product on this blog as so many others do that bigger and better plus my skin is no doubt very different to yours.  However, what I would say is this. The product feels light and non-sticky and the ingredients used all have a low potential for irritation with the only exception being the fragrance (no fragrance allergens are listed but this may be because we don’t have to do that in Australia rather than their being no allergens present. It’s impossible to tell) and the preservative (potassium sorbate can be quite irritating but usually less so in a cream than in a water only product).

Based on what I have seen I’d say that this is a good entry-level ‘active’ moisturiser for skin that needs a little moisturising without the oil slick.  I am not sure how it could be classed as ‘oil controlling’ as per the pack claim but otherwise it is fine.

Just be sure to give it a try on intact skin (rather than razored off shave rash) first to make sure that the perfume and preservative choice doesn’t irritate you.

I’ll review the Anti-blackhead face scrub in the next post to keep things flowing.

So Bye Bye for now and enjoy your Moosehead experience!