Every year French magazine Beyond Beauty holds an awards night to honor innovative, niche new brands who have something truly different to offer. This year the top prize (announced on Monday) went to French brand Absolution for their unisex adaptable organic skincare.  The range certainly looks appealing with its arty, airless pump design packs and the ethics seem to stack up too! The brand is customizable to suit your mood via the addition of vials of fragrant natural extracts. A cute idea that cuts down the need for hundreds of variations on the theme and allows the individual to cut down on their purchasing requirements.  All good for sustainability.

I do like the way that this company have been totally upfront with the way that they have classified their products. While they are certified organic, the company does explain that not all of their ingredients meet the organic criteria (this is perfectly legitimate). They also list all of the ingredients in their products on the website (which not all brands do) and pack their products in a way to reduce the need for heavy preservation. Because these products are made in Europe they have to comply to fragrance regulations that mean the known irritant constituents of essential oils (such as linalool) have to be listed – pretty helpful and sure to flow on to the rest of the world soon!

I haven’t tried this product and so can’t really comment on its ability to do the job, how it feels or how well it has been put together. However, looking at the history of the Beyond Beauty awards and the information on their web site one can only assume that the brand will go far but may have too many non-organic ingredients¬† in for some…. Click here for more info on Absolution.

absolution picture