Amanda Foxon-Hill is an experienced and respected Cosmetic Chemist with a global career spanning 18 years.   The key to Amanda’s success is her well-rounded experience spanning all areas of business and product development and commercialisation including sales, marketing and export.

Amanda’s diverse laboratory and factory experience spans a broad cross-section of the cosmetics industry from small-scale hobby manufacture all the way to 20 ton batch production.  This hands-on expertise insures that the formulation work produced by Realize Beauty on behalf of clients can be implemented on both a practical and commercially viable level.

Amanda is also a fun and vibrant presenter and has no difficulty in communicating sometimes complex scientific issues to the lay person or brand owner, thus allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of their brand or consumer product.

Amanda has worked in the following organisations.

* Brenntag UK – Technical Sales Representative with Product Manager (Akzo Nobel Portfolio) responsibilities.

* Associated Octel (Now Innospec) UK – Cosmetic Market Development, Technical Sales and Formulation Development.

* Bronson and Jacobs (Orica) Australia – Product Manager – BASF, Shin-Etzu, CLR Berlin, Inolex.

* Realize Beauty – to present day.

Amanda in lab

Amanda consults via her company Realize Beauty for some of the top brands in Australia and New Zealand. Her expertise spans creative formulating, trouble shooting, developing marketing strategies, ingredient trends, teaching and manufacturing. Amanda is also Realize Beauty’s EU Responsible Person and is licensed to represent Australian brands in the European market.

Amanda also runs the New Directions technical help desk and drop-in clinic and writes a peer reviewed cosmetic chemistry blog ( which has achieved a global following in excess of 8000 regular readers.

Amanda is passionate about cosmetic chemistry and the role good chemistry plays in underpinning a successful and safe brand. Amanda teaches Cosmetic Chemistry at New Directions where her relaxed, inclusive, enthusiastic and fun teaching style ensures that chemistry is understandable and most importantly applicable in a professional environment.

Academically Amanda has an Honours Degree in Chemistry and a Diploma in Cosmetic Chemistry.

Personally Amanda is just one of those people who likes to get out and do stuff! Her properties in the Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia provide the perfect backdrop for mountain biking, hiking and running after her crazy dogs and children.

Amanda’s professional motto is Esse quam videriwhich is just perfect for Realize Beauty who strive to be the best back-stage support a brand can get.