While researching a piece on the anti-viral properties of essential oils I came across the following patent: Antimicrobial Activity of Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemon Oils in Cosmetic Preservative Systems. This study is great news as it showed that a blend of the aforementioned essential oils work  perfectly to preserve a cosmetic milk formulation without the need for synthetic equivalents. What’s more, the oils don’t have to be present in huge quantities making this an interesting and economically viable  proposition!

The article was published online on May 19th 2009 and comes out of the Technical University of Lodz, Poland and earlier in the Journal of Applied Microbiology.  No single study can change the world but this is a step in the right direction for those wanting to ensure that their “Natural” cosmetic remain naturally safe!  I am sure that aromatherapists around the world are screaming at the screen “I told you so” but good science takes time…..