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Realize Beauty came into being one balmy evening in February 2008. I had left the corporate cosmetics world two months before and had been playing with ideas relating to my feelings towards the beauty industry, natural cosmetics and science. I wanted to share my passion for the scientific side of beauty with people.  To engage in conversations that demonstrated that chemicals weren’t all toxic and that people within the cosmetics industry weren’t all related to Dr Evil. I also wanted to create a space where people could see their natural beauty and let it shine through. To do that would involve breaking down barriers and taking away the  ‘fear’ factor that drives so many cosmetic dollars. I wanted to be part of something that replaced fear with fun and fascination.

Choosing a name, a brand and a philosophy for my new venture took much time and consideration, I wanted to insure that the values I held close could be transformed into branding that would attract like-minded others and allow the business to flourish. The story behind the name Realize Beauty is here:

My mission started to take shape and so did my writing. My ‘science journalism’ blog soon became a place of idea sharing, education, entertainment and yes, fun!  The blog began to act as a framework for people grappling with scientific terminology, ingredients listings and conflicting information and that felt good.  As a writer I have always believed that my job is less about preaching and more about respect and open, honest communication. With that in mind I tackle each article with a healthy but realistic level of respect along with a note-to-self to always listen more than I talk. Further, I think it is important to always remind my readers that it is  OK to be themselves, to hold different beliefs, to not wear any make-up, not spend thousands on hair extensions, tan or whiten their skin or fight their natural ageing process. With that in mind my final goal was set – to remind people every day that  the process of beautification and the part that the beauty industry plays in that isn’t trivial and that if it is done without fear it can be  liberating and life-affirming, exhuberant and polished.

Realize Beauty has blossomed into a fun and sometimes challenging blog and a successful and rewarding consultancy spanning areas from cosmetic formulating to stability testing and EU compliance.

Realize Beauty believes that there is another way to enjoy the art and business of beautification and beauty brand building, a way that is aligned with our natural instincts and values. A way that understands its impact upon the planet, is considered, intelligent and yet still fun and playful. If you are looking for another way then give us a call.

About Realize Beauty Consulting: Measure, Protect, Create, Connect.

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Realize Beauty specialises in directing  the R&D process for cosmetic brands and brand owners. For more information on what that involves see our article.

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