Hi, I’m Amanda and I’ve been working in the cosmetics industry since 1997.  While this should have been long enough for me to have learned how to do my hair and rid myself of wrinkles that didn’t happen as I was too busy immersed in my R&D project world. To find more about my extreme passion for cosmetic science and how that can benefit you, read on!

I started my career in England after completing a Science Degree (BSc Combined Science Hons).  At university I found chemistry interesting enough to take it as a major but it wasn’t until I entered the Cosmetic Industry that it really came to life and excited me!

Cosmetic chemistry is both a science and an art.  A blending of observation, measurement, and experimentation with a narrative carries our values, hopes and dreams.  I appreciate the best science in the world is worthless if people don’t fall in love with the essence of what is being created, sold or exchanged. Exploring this is what inspires me and pushes me onwards.

Teaching, writing and presenting are the focus of my current consulting work.  I enjoy bringing chemistry to life for my students and readers and inspiring them to go deeper and further with their research, brand and product development.  My approach is animated, hands-on and immersive.  I believe we learn best through doing and being and enjoy creating opportunities for others to explore the world of cosmetic science this way.

While I have and still do create unique formulations for clients this is not presently a focus area.   If you are looking for those services you can chat to me via the New Directions Technical Help Desk for some ideas and other options (amandaf@newdirections.com.au) or www.newdirections.com.au

My consulting business Realize Beauty came into being one balmy evening in February 2008. I had left the corporate cosmetics world two months before and had been playing with ideas relating to my feelings towards the beauty industry, natural cosmetics and science. I wanted to share my passion for the scientific side of beauty with people. To engage in conversations that demonstrated that chemicals weren’t all toxic, that chemistry isn’t a modern or ‘un-natural’ phenomenon and that people within the cosmetics industry weren’t all related to Dr Evil. I also wanted to create a space where people could explore, to consider what natural beauty really means and to challenge the status quo.  To do that would involve breaking down barriers and taking away the ‘fear’ factor that drives so many cosmetic dollars. I wanted to be part of something fun and fascinating, something empowering and inclusive.

While the last twelve plus years have been fun the landscape I operate in has changed and as such, Realize Beauty must change too.

People are no longer hungry for information, information is everywhere, dressed up or dished out as opinions, thoughts and feelings. Being heard among that is not easy, shouting  ‘science is a doing word’ to people who don’t value or know  how to do science is even harder.

I have always believed that cosmetic science has the power to change the world but it can only achieve that through people, people who are prepared to get their hands dirty and experiment.  Come with me, let’s play.

In case you were wondering, outside of work I love to get out in nature and walk, read, make recordings of birds (yes I know, I’m a bit ‘special) and take photos of flowers. I’m also very fond of spending time with my family who are an arty, interesting and quirky bunch of human and fluffy beings.

Due to the nature of this business the preferred method of contact is via email:  hello@realizebeauty.com